Iceberg Vodka

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Iceberg water is the cleanest water on earth. Tap water can contain hundreds of man-made chemicals. And this is shocking: A surprising number of big-name distillers use ordinary tap water...

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Iceberg water is the cleanest water on earth. Tap water can contain hundreds of man-made chemicals. And this is shocking: A surprising number of big-name distillers use ordinary tap water to make their products.Not much better is the glacier water used by many distillers. This glacier melt is surface run-off that has been contaminated by decades of atmospheric pollutants such as carbon emissions and volcanic ash.In 1994 Iceberg Vodka was born. As vodka lovers ourselves, from day one our goal has been to produce the cleanest tasting, purest vodka in the world. The main ingredient in vodka is water. Where could we find the purest water anywhere?The answer was floating by, right outside our window, in a chunk of ice the size of skyscraper laying on its side.Iceberg water has been locked up and protected as solid ice for 12,000 years. Impurities in Iceberg water are so infinitesimal that they are measured in parts per quadrillion. (One part per quadrillion is one inch in sixteen million miles.) Iceberg water is 7000 times purer than tap water. This is simply the world's purest water.Harvesting Iceberg water is no simple process. It takes brave men and women who venture with their pristine machinery into “Iceberg Alley,' the most treacherous seas known to man.In 1912 the “unsinkable' Titanic found that out all too tragically. We do not take our Icebergs lightly. This is what makes Iceberg Vodka, Gin and Rums the most expensively produced products of their kind in the world. And the ones most worthy of a try!. Crystalline and clear. Owns a gently sweet opening aroma, then the scent turns slightly herbal. In the mouth, the taste is super-clean, bright, acidic and neutral. Smooth as silk texture.. 40% alcohol Liquor

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